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About me

I am the psychologist, speech therapist, family mediator, sensory integration therapist, Master Practitioner of NLP, I am also entitled to practice the professional hypnosis.

I am improving my competence and I am raising my qualifications during many professional trainings and courses. If you want to see my certificates go to the Certificates section.

I have a few years work experience with autistic children, children with Asperger Syndrome, people with psychical disorder or Alzheimer’s disease, elderly people dealing with difficult life situation, people embroiled in mechanisms of violence, teenagers addicted to drugs and alcohol.

I led for a few years the supporting groups for families where a person with a mental disorder or Alzheimer’s disease appeared, I also led groups for parents of autistic children, Asperger Syndrome or for families of drug addicted children and teenagers.

I also led plenty of workshops and trainings e.g. motivation workshops for unemployed, workshops for people with financial problems and endangered by the alcohol abuse, preventive workshops dealing with addictions, preventive workshops dealing with HIV and AIDS in terms of addiction, assertiveness trainings, coping with stress workshops, relaxing workshops and much more workshops and trainings.  

Sandra Szczuka

"Health is the factor
that gives the values
 to all zeros in live" 

Bernard Fontenelle


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