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The diagnosis concerns the assessment of children's or adult’s speech development and the scope of the practice recommendation.

Early logopedic intervention

The early logopedic intervention concerns the early logopedic diagnosis (before the age of one) and early therapy based on stimulation of cognitive, motor and linguistic development

Speech Defect Therapy

which concerns:

• Articulation disorder therapy (dyslalia):
- sigmatism
- rhotacism
- kappacism
- gammacism
- lambdacism
- betacism
- voiceless speech
- delayed speech development

 Speech and communication disorder therapy 

• Stuttering therapy
• Aphasia therapy
• Logopedic massage
• Laryngectomy therapy (the therapy is performed before and after the removal of larynx)
• Communication disoreder therapy in Autism
• Communication disorder therapy between children with Down Syndrome
• Voice production exercises
• Oral motor exercises improving articulators
• Breathing exercises
• Logorhythmic exercieses
• Auditory exercises: the development of the analytical skills and the synthesis ability
• Improving active and passive speech
• Learning proper verbal behaviour suitable to the particular social situations
• Social Skills training
• Acquiring the ability to describe and relate the event
  - logopedic prevention
  - assessment of developement of speech between children
  - speech development stimulation
  - improving the children’s, teenagers and adults pronunciation
  - communication disorder therapy
  - developmental dyslexia therapy 


Estethics logopedics to teenagers and adults

Estethics logopedics training is based on correction of speech disorders between teenagers and adults, the training is connected with the propper breathing and voice production exercises


Logopedics consultations with parents and carers

The logopedics consultation is based on explaining what the disoreder is giving the instuctions how to perform a therapy with children or the client at home and also is based on giving the materials necessary to do the exercises.

Offer to educational institutions and children centers: 

• Complex screen tests on the area of the institution
• Performing individual and group speech therapy on the area of the institution
• Logopedic Pedagogisation in the scope of speech disorders, speech defect, articulator developmental defect and the consequence of impaired speech 




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