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NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming):
- habits changing, bad habits eliminating, desired habits programming
- emotional states changing
- motivatating oneself to aim the goals
- producing new behaviour
- eliminating phobias instantly and recovering from trauma
- skillful decision making
- aiming the goals
- aims programming
- changing negative believes hindering the functioning
- shyness overcoming
- thoughts map facilitating better remembering
- good decision strategy making
- emotional dissociating from the people which of we are psychically, emotionally connected and it hampers functioning
- pushing the negative thoughts aside strategy
- changing the acquired behaviour or emotions  
- changing compulsive behaviour such as: nails biting, nose picking and smoking, addictions, compulsive gorging etc.
- loosing weight
- acquiring new or different behaviours in different situations
- changing the emotional states classified to the specified context
- changing the attitude to someone’s body, body weight control
- aim programming and increasing motivation levels
- improving communication
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